Government Jobs Checklist

Government Jobs Checklist

Search for jobs, articles, and tools on all things government job related. The main areas you will want to focus on will be:

  • Finding a job that will suit your future career goals
  • Research articles on the job description, duties, benefits and current news
  • Review qualifications and standards required for the position
  • Review jobs for specific needs if applicable: veterans, retirees, disables, students, overseas positions

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Once you have found job vacancies, review the listings for how to apply and what is required. Some of the most common things you will be ask to provide are:

  • Specific dates of previous employment
  • High school and college transcripts
  • Military records
  • References, Recommendations from at least 3 sources
  • Salary history
  • Previous supervisor’s contact information
  • Honors, awards, accolades
  • Languages spoken
  • Computer proficiency
  • License, certifications

For step by step instructions on how to search, apply and interview for a federal job check out Cashing In: How to Get a High Paying Government Job.

Before you apply, note the closing date of the application and submit all required documents before that date.

Create your federal resume. Either by a professional federal resume writing service or you can use our informative guide here to help you.

Print out a copy for yourself of both your federal style resume that you have created specifically for the position you applied for and a copy of the job vacancy. After the closing date the job vacancy is removed and you will want a copy to refer to before your interview.

Submit your application by mail, fax or online electronically depending on what the application process is for that specific job vacancy. Remember to sign your application, unless you are submitted online then a signature is not usually required.

After submitting your application online, you may wait several weeks before you will hear back. You may receive notification of your eligibility for the job position and that your application has been forwarded on to the hiring manager for review.

When you are called for an interview be prepared by knowing the following:

  • Research the position and agency online at
  • Conduct an informational interview with someone in your area related to the job you are applying for
  • Prepare questions for yourself to answer based on your qualifications, skills, and work history
  • Review your resume and application thoroughly to become familiar with specific dates and names
  • Brush up on your computer skills if required and any other technical skills in case you are ask to test for performance
  • Know the different types of interview given by federal hiring officials in Cashing In: How to Get a High Paying Government Job.

A full list of interview types and preparation tips are featured in Cashing In: How to Get a High Paying Government Job. This guide will show you how to prepare before the interview, tips to make you confident during the interview and important things you need to know after the interview.

Good Luck.

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