Government Jobs FAQ

Government Jobs FAQ

Welcome to the Government Jobs FAQ page. These are the top questions that we regularly get asked about government jobs and the US Government hiring process. Just click on the link to be taken to the answer to the questions.

1.   Where can I find the latest Federal Jobs listings?
2.   How Long does it take to get a response after applying for a government job?
3.   How does USAJOBS work?
4.   Is it difficult to get a job with the US Government?
5.   Does the US Government discriminate against age?
6.   How could a high school teacher get a job with the federal government?
7.   What is a vacancy announcement?
8.   What types of government jobs require international travel?
9.   What type of degree do I need to get a government job?
10. How do I get a job working overseas for the government?
11.  If I have a DUI will it prevent me from getting a Federal Job?
12.  What is a closing date?
13.  Is a government job usually more stable than a job in the private sector?
14.  What does “area of consideration” mean?
15.  How do I apply for a Federal position?
16.  How do you prepare for an interview with the Federal government?
17.  Is there a civil service test or examination I have to take?
18.  What do they look for in a government job background check?
19.  Do I have to be a US Citizen to apply for a government job?
20.  Why do I need a Federal resume?
21.  What are KSAs?
22.  Is it better to take a job with the Federal Government or in the private sector?
23.  Should I ever have to pay a processing fee to apply for a government job?
24.  What kind of benefits do you get when you work for the government?
25.  Why do government applications have to be so confusing?


If you would like an outline that walks you through the Government hiring process, then you may want to take a look at the Government Job Getting Guide – the #1 Government Jobs Guide online.


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