Government Marketing Jobs

Government Marketing Jobs

by Kevin on July 20, 2012

It used to be that students who are interested in a marketing career targeted private firms in their job search. High pay and bonuses lure many to pursue marketing positions in multinational companies. But when the market crashed and until now, has made a slow recovery, many marketing professionals are now looking for more stable positions in the Federal government.


There are a plethora of government marketing jobs for marketing graduates. The reason for this is that Uncle Sam owns various enterprises that always look for qualified employees who can be an asset not only to the agency but to the American people as well. All citizens want to make sure that the taxes we paid are not being spent on useless projects.


Qualifications matter a lot because marketing is a technical area that requires background knowledge and a certain level of expertise. The minimum required is usually a bachelor’s degree in a marketing, management, accounting or related course. The intricacies of this field are such that educational qualifications are given prime importance in government marketing jobs.


As a marketing professional, you will need to be innovative, brimming with fresh ideas, and able to handle work under enormous pressure. The work you do will have an impact at the national and even international level so you need to be able to withstand the challenges and difficulties incumbent in this position. You will also need to be good at communicating your idea to your colleagues and to your audience so that you can garner support for your vision. Of course, creativity and savvy marketing skills are needed to impress clients so you need to have these in full measure as well.


You might have to temper your expectations a bit as far as salary is concerned. Compared to a private company, the initial pay is not as high in the public sector. However, you also receive a ton of comprehensive benefits in the form of medical and health insurance; retirement plans; wellness programs; flexible work arrangements; and other benefits. The good thing about working for the government is that you can expect your pay to increase as you gain more experience and knowledge about the job. There are also courses and trainings that you can attend to increase your chances of moving up the Pay Scale so there is every incentive to continue to better yourself and your career. Plus, you also get that much-needed job security that is so lacking in private companies.


If you want to work in Federal government marketing jobs, the USAJOBS ( website would be a good place to start your search. You can create your profile here and store up to five resumes so you can send your applications to the various Federal agencies that need marketing professionals.


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